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Every girl wants to look like A Queen on her wedding day. The biggest question that pops up in mind while you are getting married is “What dress I should wear on my wedding?” Your wedding dress style may differ according to your religion, cast, and the location you living. If you are interested in ethnical Indian wedding silk sarees in madurai, every state has its own kind of marriage sarees. If you want to be modern you can opt for modern marriage sarees and wedding special dresses like lehengas. broswe:  The latest trend includes the fusion of western wedding dresses with our cultural wedding dresses which gives an exclusive look to the bride. However most of the girls like to wear ethnical Indian Wedding sarees during their wedding. Some girls prefer saree during wedding to look a little matured. The other reason to prefer saree on your wedding day is nothing other than; sarees are the most acceptable dress from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. So if you marry a guy from other state, they don’t feel odd by your bridal silk sari.

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Kanchipuram, Tamil nadu,
India 631501
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chilli red wedding saree

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If you are looking for a best wedding silk saree, this article will give you knowledge about;

  • How to select a Best marriage Saree or Factors to be noticed before buying a bridal saree.
  • Types of indian wedding sarees  that you can opt for Your Wedding
  • Tips For the easy selection of your Bridal saree.
  • Things to be noticed while buying bridal saree Online.

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The wedding day is one of the most important days in your life; let’s make the preparation much easier. This article will not take more than 4 minutes of your time.

  1. Factors to be noticed before buying a Wedding Silk Sari.
  • Fabric:

Most of Indian wedding will have many rituals, that may take some time and you may feel tired. It’s always better choosing a marriage saree having less weight and more comfortability. Silk materials are very much used in wedding sarees and according to the type of silk used and the way it weaved, the weight of your saree will differ.

  • Color & Look:

You should select a marriage saree according to your skin tone and the time of wedding also should be taking care of. If your wedding is on day time, you can opt for Dark colors. If marriage was during night time, light color will be better. During day time, you can choose dark red color or Violet color sarees. Both color will match with ladies having a fair skin.

  • Make Up

Before selecting your marriage saree you should talk to your Beautician. Make up should match the color of the marriage saree. Taking care of the accessories that wore with wedding saree also can be considered. Now a days wearing a lot of make-up is necessary since you have many photo sessions in your marriage.

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  1. Types Of Bridal Sarees that you can opt for your wedding.

India has many cultures and like our cultures, we also have different type of cultural wedding sarees. Kanchipuram sarees are considered as the Bridal saree in Tamil nadu, but Pattu saree is the favorite bridal saree in Kerala. Bengalis like banaras silk sarees most. Here are the most liked Bridal sarees that you can opt for your Wedding. check http://weddingsareesonline.com

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  • Kanchipuram Wedding pattu Sarees:

Kanchipuram Silk sarees are a symbol of beauty, ethnicity and pride of every south Indian woman. The most used bridal sari in south India. But its name is so famous and many peoples from western countries are now using Kanjivaram sarees for their events. Kanchipuram  sarees need a proper care, unless you may spoil your Kanchipuram silk saree easily. Long years back, Kanchipuram sarees are tough to get and people need to go to Kanchipuram(Tamil nadu) to get the original Silk sarees.  kanjivaramsilks.com best silk shop selling sarees online from online, that too from the direct weavers with very cheap price. i

check out the kanchipurm sarees store at chennai

Kanchipuram Wedding Silk Sarees (Makers),

53a, North Usman Road, (Near New GRT Gold house),

T.Nagar, chennai, Tamil Nadu,

India 600017


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  • Banarasi sarees:

Banarasi sarees also one of the most selling sarees in India. Because of its elegant look and richness, Banaras sarees are widely used as bridal saris in India. Mostly in North Indian weddings, Banarasi silk is used as marriage sarees other than Kanchipuram sarees. From the small town Kasi, its name spreads all over the world because of its quality and making. If you are wearing blouse designs with a little embroidery works in it, it will make a beautiful pair with banarasi marriage sarees.

  • Assam sarees:

Most of the Assam sarees comes with a beautiful red Border. The Assam sarees can be a best bridal saree because of its finest making and the best fabrics. Assam silk have three different categories, Muga Silk, Pat silk and Eri silk. These sarees need extra care. It should only dry washed and can dry in shadows. If you need a very light weight wedding pattu saree, you can go for an Assam saree.

  • Zardosi Wedding Sarees:

Zardosi sarees are trending bridal sarees in 2017. It became famous and many celebrities wore zardosi wedding sarees on their weddings. Zardosi sarees have a higly designed embroidery border that will give it a very rich contemporize look. Golden color blouses are very much suitable with zardosi bridal sarees. Zardosi sarees are not only used as wedding sarees but it also used as a party wear by many ladies. Now a days Zardosi sarees come up with stone works too. If you can spend some extra money, you can buy a zardosi wedding saree with stone works

  • Sambalpuri Traditional Sarees:

Sambalpuri sarees are traditional hand woven sarees and that are produced in Sonepur, sambalpur, Boudh district in Odisha. Samablpuri sarees are a work of symbolism. Each saree includes any of Shankha, Chakra or Phula symbols in it. Sambalpuri sarees become famous when our late Prime Minister Smt Indira Gandhi started to wear it. If you are from Odisha, you cannot think about another bridal sari since this is the tradition that you have to feel proud of.

  • Mundum Neriyathum Saree or Pattu Saree:

This is the simplest saree available in India. It is very cheap comparing to the other famous wedding saris. Neriyathu saree is famous in Kerala and it is mostly used when a marriage takes place inside the temples. In Kerala wearing modern dresses inside the temple premises is strictly prohibited but this saree is allowed to wear inside the temple. Keralite may spend less on saree but they spend too much on golden ornaments, so wearing a lot of Golden jewels will cover the less attractiveness of the saree. This saree is only preferred for keralites, and those who believe in simplicity.

  • Net Sarees as Bridal Sarees:

Net sarees are mostly liked by north Indian peoples but it is also famous in south India too. Net bridal sarees have various kinds of Embroidery works that enhances the beauty of the wedding silk saree. It also have one unique feature that other bridal saris doesn’t have: “transparency”. So wearing an extra cloth beneath the net saree is preferred.

  • Gotta Sarees:

Since gotta saree has a pallu with laces on it, Brides can easily attach pallu according to her style and need. This is also a party wear saree so you can wear it during the party after the wedding. This saree is very weightless and will not harm you if you wore it for long time.

  • Paithani Sarees:

Paithani Silks hail from the villages of Aurangabad and these are one of the most expensive sarees that are available as bridal sarees in India. Paithani sarees are favorite sarees of actresses like Vidhya Balan. If you are ready to spend too much money on your marriage saree, you can buy Paithani silks directly

Still confused which marriage saree to select ? Here are some Tips:

royal blue wedding silk saree

  • Tips For the Best selection of marriage saree and Bridal dresses.

Now you are aware of the best sarees available in India. Before selecting your marriage sarees you have to choose the way you buy. You have two options. You can buy directly from shops or you can buy from online. If you’re going for a shopping for your Bridal saree here are some tips that will make your shopping much easier.

  1. Do not go for shopping with many Peoples.

You may have a lot of friends and relatives who are interested to assist you while shopping. If there are a lot of people they may confuse you with different opinions and object you from selecting your best bridal saree. You will have one soul mate friend who knows very well about you, who know your likes and dislikes. You can prefer your best buddy to accompany your marriage saree shopping and keep away unwanted peoples.

  1. Don’t ever Shop Your Wedding dress too early.

Some people love to finish their responsibilities and works too early as possible. But selecting your wedding dress too early before your wedding will be a bad doing because trends are changing every day and you may look outdated on marriage day.

  1. Talk to your fiancé and Ask for his likes.

You may buy a superb looking marriage saree, but what if your fiancé doesn’t like it? He will not feel happy and sadness in his face on wedding day is not at all a good thing. So before buying a marriage saree talk with your fiancé. That will help you to improve the bonding between you too.

  1. Always Stick to your Budget.

While seeing lot of marriage sarees you shouldn’t forget your budget. You can find your soul mate marriage saree on your budget if you take some time. Budget is more important so keep this in mind. Don’t get too much tempted to offers. Offers are always given to a product that is less sold.

  1. Check the fittings.

Taking a unfit wedding dress will cause you to lose your confidence level and you may concentrate too much to adjust your wedding dress during your marriage. This will make your groom uncomfortable. If you are stitching your dress according to your size, that will be better. Some peoples try to become slim or will go for dieting before marriage, that will make your dress little loose on your wedding day.


What If you are Buying Wedding Saree Online?

Buying online is not a wrong thing. In facts you can get weaver prize since there is less middleman and Online shops doesn’t need many employees, since the price will be less. But online purchasing have some negatives too. Please note these tips before buying bridal saree online.

  • Go to genuine Online stores and check the reviews carefully before buying wedding silk saree online.
  • Compare prices with other online stores. Most of the products will be available in many online stores.
  • Make use of the Chat option. Every online store has a customer support option available in their website. Make use of it, clarify your doubts.
  • Be very careful with duplicate products. If you have any friends who have experience buying online, ask him/her for help.
  • Check the price of leading brands and compare it with your online store.
  • Ask for more detail of your bridal saree.(material, place of making, way of making etc.)

These are the things to notice while buying wedding silk sarees online madurai. Bridal sarees are symbol of your pride, it also keep the memory of your sweet moments with you. That’s why Every Indian ladies keeping their marriage sarees as a precious stone with them. There are many other bridal sarees also available in India, but they may seem less famous. One thing I had forgotten to tell you that, you should select your jewels according to your wedding dress or you should select your wedding sarees in madurai according to your jewels. We have mentioned the most trending wedding silk sarees in madurai 2017. Don’t ever go for a cheap quality marriage sarees, that will make you feel un happy in future.

Below are the best shops for wedding silk sarees in madurai

1. Om Muruga Sarees

Address: E Masi St, Madurai Main, Madurai, Tamil Nadu 625001
Phone: 0452 452 0000
2.  Sundaram Textiles
Address: 90, S Masi St, Valaiyal Kadai, Madurai Main, Madurai, Tamil Nadu 625001
Phone: 0452 234 5152
3.  Co-Optex
Address: 6, American College Complex, Malligai, Madurai, Tamil Nadu 625002
Phone: 0452 253 0703
4.  S.S Silks
Address: 11, Panthadi 2nd St, Panthadi Area, Panthadi, Madurai Main, Madurai, Tamil Nadu 625001
Phone: 0452 437 1898
5.  S R B Silks
Address: 229, E Marret St, Kamarajar Salai, Madurai Main, Madurai, Tamil Nadu 625001
Phone: 0452 232 0536
6.  Aishwariyassilks
Address: east first street , kknagar, Madurai, Tamil Nadu 625020
Phone: 090032 39309
7.  Naachiyars
Address: 125, S Masi St, Mahal Area, Madurai Main, Madurai, Tamil Nadu 625001
Phone: 0452 436 6000
8.  Kanjipuram Shree Gowri Silks
Address: 156-A, Tavittasanddai, St. Mary’s Church Backside, S Marret St, Madurai, Tamil Nadu 625001
Phone: 0452 233 3203
9.  Raj Mahal Silks
Address: Vengalakadai Street, Madurai Main, Madurai, Tamil Nadu 625001
Phone: 0452 266 6666
10. Pathanjali Silks
Address: No:148 A, S Masi St, Mahal Area, Madurai Main, Madurai, Tamil Nadu 625001
Phone: 0452 232 3023