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Kanjivaram Sarees are a timeless drape that has been adorned by Indian women since forever. The history of this garment dates back to almost a few centuries. Kanjivaram Sarees have been popular since time immemorial and the most wonderful thing about them is that they have gained popularity with time. Kanjivaram Sarees still hold the title of being the most elegant and popular garment among women in India. The society has accepted sarees with open arms and today, even girls of millennial era have grown fond of the 9 yards. With the growth in textiles, the designs, motifs, patterns, raw material, everything have changed for good. Kanjivaram silk Sarees are today’s trendsetters.

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If you are in for a South Indian wedding, the options in sarees are countless! In fact, south India is a Mecca for saree lovers. You can see beautiful Kancheepurams that are impossible to take eyes off of. It is paired with the best of temple jewelry and flowers. So if you are getting married this wedding season, choose from the plethora of sarees provided in Kerala. We will give you a list of different varieties of kanjivaram silk sarees that you can try as a bride and the places you can get from. So don’t be a Bridezilla this season and go crazy hunting for the right outfit. We will give you the list of just the places you should visit to look mesmerizing on your day!

Here are some of the authentic Kerala sarees that one can go for.

  1. Simple Kasavu sarees – These are the authentic traditional bridal sarees for Malayali brides. A simple white saree with a gold zari border is the iconic bit of Kerala. One of the most popular choices and a masterpiece, Kasavu is suitable for women of all kinds. So go for a Kasavu to be the traditional and authentic bride of Kerala.
  2. Modern Zari Kasavu – If you want to be all traditional and yet at the same time carry the contemporary touch, Modern Kasavu is for you. These sarees are embedded with zari at the border and have a completely modern take. What really makes them stand out, are the blouses, this saree is teamed up with. The contemporary take on the blouses with a traditional Kasavu will light up your day!
  3. Trendy Silk sarees – When a Malayali bride thinks of her wedding attire, silk saree is her first choice. Any kind of silk saree is a bride’s dream come true in Kerala. So pick out those trendy, designer wear sarees that will be customized just according to your body type. Also, you can check out the beautiful choices available online.
  4. https://kanjivaramsilks.com kanjivaram Sarees online – These sarees, made in the city of Kanjivaram are said to be South India’s Benarasi Sarees. The richness and grandeur that this saree show cannot be compared to anything else. Owning a Kanjivaram saree is an achievement as its quality, beauty and craftsmanship is unmatched. So wear a Kancheepuram to your wedding to look stunning and flamboyant.

burgundy kanch pattu bridal silk saree

These are some of the kinds of silk sarees that are unique to South India. A malayalam bride’s dream is to wear or own one of these sarees. If you are a bride shopping for the above sarees in Kerala and are going insane looking for places, this article will suggest you some places where you can find just the right outfit for D-Day.

  1. Kasavukadaonline– This is one of the places online that has been serving three generations of Kasavu sarees. Kasavu is the traditional handloom sarees of Kerala and Kasavukada weaves the tradition and culture into an authentic Kasavu sarees for brides to wear on their weddings and Malayali women to wear on special occasions. They hail from Balaramapuram and are pioneers of handloom for men and women of Kerala.
  2. Jayalakshmi – This store opened in the year 1947 in Cochin. Served the city for almost less than a century, Jayalakshmi has now spread across the State of Kerala with four outlets open in many cities. They have an amazing collection of ethnic wear ranging from bridal wear to party wear with everything and anything. So it is a perfect place to shop for all the pre wedding as well as post wedding outfits.
  3. Kalyan Silks – It is one of the biggest silk showrooms in India with in house handlooms and designing capabilities. Their designs are not only said to be unique, but also dynamic in nature. They provide full quality assurance as they have set-up across the whole of India. They play very differently from the other textile players in India and have the best bridal sarees. Choose from their wide collection to be fully satisfied.
  4. Seematti – It is the bridal destination of Kerala where the lead designer of this showroom introduces a new kind of Kanjeevaram every year. From stretchable Kancheepurams to beautiful collections, Seematti has not only gained popularity, but also won the hearts of the brides. They have set trends in the Bridal fashion industry, making space for a new kind of tradition every year. With their collection, Queen’s own, they have also introduced royal elegance for the brides to wear on their Big Day.
  5. Pulimootill – This is another brand who specializes in silk sarees for bridal wear. They have expanded to even online business for the customers to be at ease. They create gorgeous silk sarees which will leave you in bits. The best part is you can browse through their collection even from home and order it as per your convenience. So what are you waiting for! Go ahead and grab that offer.

lavender kanchi pattu silk saree

Kerala is a large state with plenty of crafts to choose from. One of their most basic yet beautiful crafts is the art of textiles. With beautiful textiles, Kerala makes one to want to go back there. The Malayalam brides are enriched with white and gold for their weddings. The Kasavu sarees and temple jewelry is what makes them the authentic bride who loves to stick to her roots whereas with a little contemporary touch, it shows how modern she is as well.